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Why use Kudos?

Kudos provide access to all candidates, passive and active. Our search specialists can unlock the talent from competitors. Either for difficult to fill assigments where demand exceeds supply or when you have a confidential role you need to identify, market map and fill. All of our search consultants are experts in their own markets and our combined true search experience is in excess of 80 years.

We focus on finding the right candidate culturally who will fit with your business and last.

Making significant savings

Here’s what Kudos can do for you…

Retained Search

Size has its advantages, but not always. We are a boutique firm, which means our arrangements are limited. This gives each client an advantage over using a bigger firm who have endless client lists. We are transparent and provide you with full long lists and market mapped data. This is particulary useful to HR Directors when needing to identify salary benchmarking and organizational design.

We often undertake difficult to fill, confidential and multilingual assignments across all of our sectors and on some occassions there may only be a handful of candidates who can fulfil a role in a typical sector such as property.

Managed Advertised Selection and Promote your Company Brand

In conjunction with search, we can advertise your brand or business to any national publication, job board or social media platform. We can manage internal candidates and also design and arrange assesment centres utilising psychometric testing. As a group we look after many brands who look to improve or increase their employer branding. We can advise on all aspects of attraction methodologies and management systems. 

CV Database Search and Contigency Recruitment

We attract both active and passive candidates by performing a pro-active CV search for you across the major job boards, which collectively gives us access to over an amazing 28 million CVs. For speed of response our consultants are unrivalled with this level of access and will look to turn around your response within just a few days for any role.

Access to our Candidate Management System

Quickly and easily track and manage applicants online, reducing both your costs and time spent on administration.

Build your own Talent Pool
Have immediate access to a database of candidates that apply for the positions you advertise through Kudos.

Social Media promotions
Kudos are proactive on social media and will promote your vacancies across LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+ and Facebook.

Dedicated Account Manager
To provide support throughout your partnership with Kudos and to provide regular feedback and progress reports.

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