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Since CVWOW entered the UK recruitment arena, just four years ago, they have built a reputation for identifying top talent for their clients. They have also made their name as an EFFICIENT and COST EFFECTIVE recruitment solution.

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In the last four years CVWOW have saved their network of clients an average of 80% on their annual recruitment costs. In that period they have won industry awards including Onrec awards for Best use of online recruitment and the Best corporate use of online recruitment.

Now CVWOW are delighted to announce the launch of their brand new website.

'These are exciting times for us,'  said CVWOW Managing Director Leilani Cleaver.  'The team have been waiting very patiently for a  website which reflects the services that they have been providing our clients, particularly over the last 12 months.'

When asked about our previous website Leilani was quick to emphasise,  'CVWOW has evolved tremendously over the past 4 years and if you were to compare our previous website to this one, it just provides a great example of how far we have come.  Our Account Managers now have the perfect platform for engaging our clients both now and in the future.'

The new Marketing Manager at CVWOW, Matthew Holley, only jumped on board 3 weeks prior to launch. ‘It’s been a challenge but getting the website ready has to rank as one of the most satisfying achievements in my career to date’.

The new website and branding has been designed by Serenity Digital who have created a visual identity rich with colour, movement and impact to complement the ongoing growth and improvement at CVWOW

Senerity Director Peter Garrett said of the new site ‘This has been a challenging and rewarding project to work on and all the more enjoyable getting to know the friendly staff at CVWOW . We’re confident that the new identity aligns much more with the organisation’s future goals and aspirations, helping them acquire and retain future business in a very competitive industry.’

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Date: 11/07/2014
Author: Matthew Holley
Source: CVWOW


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